Canada produces over a dozen different types of beans and sells them both domestically and for export around the globe. Canada's largest bean growning areas are located in the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. Beans are also grown in Alberta and Quebec as well as smaller quantities in the Province of Saskatchewan.


Canada's largest bean crop is white pea bean (navy bean). Canada also grows significant quantities of pinto, cranberry, black, dark red kidney, light red kidney, great northern, dutch brown, pink, small red and faba. Small quantities of Azuki, Kintoki and Otebo beans are grown under contract.


 Province Bean Type
 Alberta Pinto, great northern, small red, black, pink, faba
 Saskatchewan    Pinto, black, small red, faba
 Manitoba White pea, pinto, black, dark red kidney, great northern, cranberry
 Ontario White pea, cranberry, black, dark red kidney, light red kidney
 Quebec Cranberry, navy, dark red kidney